Nuova Tessilbrenta produces stretch fabrics with a classic denim look through to the unveiling of a trendy chic garment. With a 100% Made in Italy style.

For over 50 years we have been doing what we do best : unceasing research into new fibres and new processes for producing flat cotton with high stretch performance and perfect construction.

This is Nuova Tessilbrenta: a young, structured company, just like its fabrics. And with the added value of having joined the Marzotto Group in 2009, a true measure of its success.

Our expertise in stretch and stretch recovery enables us to treat precious materials, combed yarns with an exclusive effect and extremely clean. High stretch and stretch recovery performance , but with close attention to handle and fit, to the unique innovative finishes, with ever more delicate fluid lines, soft and sensual hands.

Excellent wearability for total comfort: Nuova Tessilbrenta fabrics can be worn all day long, because their special construction ensure excellent wearability, breathability and a perfect look, at all times.

Our Customer has well-structured needs. Exactly like the product he is looking for: a tightly-woven fabric, highly-resistant , with abundant ultra fine threads.

This is why our Design Department collaborates with the most demanding Customers’ creative team, to develop custom and exclusive collections, innovative and modern finishes. From the classic vintage effect to the clean satin finish with delicate or sheen effect.